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Barb and Craig work as a team in rescuing, restoring, and repurposing all types of vintage and antique finds. From old reed pump organs, to gramma's rocking chair they make them as good as Old... Craig started collecting at age 6 with his Mom in Stillwater Minnesota... for over 60 years he has collected, restored, and sold just about anything antique or vintage.
Furniture of any period, metal work from fine silver, to rusty cast iron. Craig completed his Certified Antiques & Collectibles Appraisers education from Ashford Instuite of Antiques (A.I.A.) in 2019. Barb started collecting glassware as a child when she had to find and replace a piece of her Mom's china she had accidently broken. In addition to being an avid craftsman in all sorts of media she was a Master Gardener with some of the best gardens in the neighborhood... When Westbury Market was required to shut down for Covid they started working with used Bourbon Barrels...rescuing them after they were used in the aging process of Kentucky Bourbon... taking the staves, tops and bottoms, and hoops of these old oak barrels and repurposing them into all sort of artisan crafts...

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